Beating Game Boy Games #1 Tetris

Tanya and I tackle Tetris on Game Boy, specially Mode B, Level 9, High 5. If you beat this you are treated to the ending of Russian dancers and a Space Shuttle launch.

I’ve always had a thing for Tetris, and while there are a variety of different strategies I think Mode B, Level 9, High 5 really only has one strategy and that involves: 1. Keep your rotations to a minimum. The less you have to spin a piece to make it fit the better. It’s instinct to place a piece in the optimal location, but on this level the pieces drop too fast and the risk of it getting stuck in the center is high. And 2. If there is an opportunity to remove a line you take it. Don’t focus on doubles, triples, or even Tetris’s. The quicker you can make more space for you to work with the better it is. The room for error increases as the stack shrinks and increases as it grows.

In short, I guess those two strategies would be the best for Tetris if you’re focused on endurance rather than score.

Anyways the Game Boy port of Tetris remains near perfect even after 26 years.