Beating Game Boy Games #13 WWF Superstars

In episode 13 we crack open WWF Superstars. Like Mortal Kombat, this is actually our second time playing through WWF Superstars. We bought a new computer which hopefully will end the USB issues that kept afflicting us. Anyways, this early Game Boy game isn’t too bad, but its a bit short. Pick from 5 WWF Superstars including 3 who are dead (Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect, Ultimate Warrior) and two living ones (Hulk Hogan and Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase). Vince McMahon provides commentary between matches. The game has decent controls and a simply move set. You can throw your opponent out of the ring. While the first two opponents are easily beaten the last two are always super hard. Repeated drop kicks will dispatch them in no time. A decent game despite being easy and short.

wwf superstars