Beating SEGA Genesis #1 Altered Beast

We haven’t posted a new episode since October 16th of last year!  The reason?  A new baby of course, and while Tanya and I don’t have the bandwidth to crank out new episodes as frequently as we did, we are still looking for new opportunities to stream.  With that said, we picked up a MEGA Everdrive shortly around the time the baby was born, and outside of making some gameplay videos we never got to sit down and stream or record something meaningful.

Well that all changed today with Episode 1 of Beating SEGA Genesis – Altered Beast.  Part of the Novelty of this new series is that we will attempt to beat SEGA Genesis games in the order of their release.  Since an exact list of release dates doesn’t seem to exist, we will work on them in the order of the year they were released.  Anyways, without further ado, enjoy episode 1: