Game Boy Endings

Curious about the endings of the Game Boy games we’ve beaten? Well, here are the spoilers:

Ep 01×01 12/1/15 Beating Game Boy Games #1 Tetris – After completing Mode B high 5 you are treated to Russian dancers and the launching of a space shuttle.
Ep 01×02 12/1/15 Beating Game Boy Games #2 TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan – You get to read an ending story about how you destroyed the Foot Clan.  Expect lots of cliches.
Ep 01×03 12/2/15 Beating Game Boy Games #3 Shanghai A menacing dragon appears on screen along with some Kanji characters.
Ep 01×04 12/3/15 Beating Game Boy Games #4 Street Fighter II You receive a Congratulation screen and nothing more.
Ep 01×05 12/5/15 Beating Game Boy Games #5 Fortified Zone A helicopter comes and rescues your characters then you get to see the credits.
Ep 01×06 12/6/15 Beating Game Boy Games #6 Kung Fu Master You receive credits while your character stands looking over a body of water.
Ep 01×07 12/8/15 Beating Game Boy Games #7 Penguin Wars Your animal stands on a podium with the 2nd and 3rd place animals.
Ep 01×08 12/12/15 Beating Game Boy Games #8 Ren & Stimpy Space Cadet Adventures Game ends with Ren slapping Stimpy.
Ep 01×09 12/15/15 Beating Game Boy Games #9 Bart Simpson’s Escape From Camp Deadly Bart and Lisa are reunited with the family after shutting the power off to the camp.
Ep 01×10 12/20/15 Beating Game Boy Games #10 Double Dragon You rescue Marian, and you see a portrait of Billy and Marian and then you see credits.
Ep 01×11 12/25/15 Beating Game Boy Games #11 Mortal Kombat “Outstanding” appears on the screen, then you get credits.